The new standard of excellence for digital gaming, powered by Royal Protocol.

The Royal Arcade Standard

The use of blockchain technology is inarguably the next major evolution in online gaming, but what is the next evolution for blockchain games? The answer is simple. It's Royal Arcade.

Royal Arcade is a new standard of excellence, backed by a game design studio, which represents the incredible potential for highly-polished, original content. Our vision will redefine how the world of digital gaming approaches the concepts of quality, security, profitability, and playability.

While the Royal Protocol Blockchain, an exclusive blockchain that empowers innovative game designers, is publicly available for creators on every level to utilize as a tool, Royal Arcade represents only the best of the best. This motivates third-party game developers to build cutting-edge worlds that combine enjoyment and excitement with safety and transparency.

Some of the criteria to qualify for the Royal Arcade Certification will include:

  • Deeper Integration within Our Wallet App
  • NFT Metadata
  • Game Interoperability
  • Provably Fair Game Mechanics

Coming Soon from Royal Arcade Studio

The Royal Arcade brand includes our own, proprietary, in-house game development studio, dedicated to the conception and production of world-class games which are optimized through the unique advantages of blockchain technology. We are actively building our team of talented programmers, engineers, artists, musicians, writers, and more, to ensure flawless original content that eventually spans across all genres and skill levels.

Royal Arcade Studio is in the process of developing our first three major games, plus two sets of minigames, as our initial flagship releases. These titles will give our community the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Royal Arcade Experience and witness our unmistakable craftsmanship firsthand. This is only the beginning for Royal Arcade Studio, with much more just around the corner.